Bachelor of Medical Science

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The Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) provides international medical students with an experiential introduction to the process of biomedical research. 

Our comprehensive one-year program is a research training initiative, which allows you to broaden your experience and understanding of the relationship between clinical health care and research in tertiary care settings.

Specialising at a deeper level, you will get the opportunity to explore the world of evidence based medicine while investigating existing theory in your targeted area of interest.

You will gain the unique opportunity to work alongside a senior clinical mentor at one of The University of Melbourne's teaching hospitals including the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Children's Hospital and St Vincent's Hospital.

Choose from a broad range of sub-specialities including orthopaedics, surgery, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry, paediatrics, nephrology and endocrinology, gaining practical experience in your chosen specialisation.

Our program provides broad and in-depth training to the next generation of leaders in biomedical and clinical research.

Course Description

The BMedSci program allows students to:

  • practice the concepts of project design, ethical consideration and application of research methods;
  • develop skills in the assembling and evaluation of scientific data to provide a scientific rationale for updating medical practice and treatment and/or understanding the mechanisms of disease;
  • comprehend the selection of appropriate statistical techniques to appraise scientific data;
  • assess the benefits and limitations of research in an area/discipline of clinical interest;
  • demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the diversity and breadth of biomedical research;
  • demonstrate autonomy and independence in defining research methods, locating relevant resources and critically evaluating evidence and;
  • actively participate in improving knowledge in a specific areas of medicine by critical review of scientific and medical evidence. 

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