Doctor of Medicine

4 years full-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students. CRICOS code: 071304G

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Application Process

MD Selection Guidelines are available to Download (PDF 267KB)

International Admission Guide is available to Download (PDF 866KB)

The GEMSAS Admissions Guide is available to download from the GEMSAS website.

  • Steps
    1. Fulfil the selection criteria for the MD course, including completing the prerequisite undergraduate subjects.
    2. Sit the GAMSAT (or MCAT, for applicants living outside Australia at the time of application only).
    3. Apply for entry into the MD course: Please submit your application either directly online to the University of Melbourne or via an overseas education representative. It is not possible to apply via VTAC.
    4. Perform a Multiple Mini Interview: Interviews are conducted in Melbourne in late September (interviews can be performed via Skype for international applicants).*
    5. Offers are made (conditional and non-conditional): Final results to be submitted. Offer conditions to be met.
  • Selection Dates
  • Guaranteed Entry Applications

    Applications are submitted online, direct to the Faculty of MDHS for this scheme (including Chancellor's Scholar applications) .

    To check your eligibility for the Guaranteed Entry Scheme, please go to:

    To apply, please list your eligibility for this program on the University online application.

  • Transferring into the Melbourne MD

    It is not possible to transfer into the University of Melbourne's Doctor of Medicine program, from any course. Nor is it possible to gain credit (advanced standing) for studies undertaken previously. All applicants must apply through the standard application process, as outlined below.


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Graduate Course Guarantees

The University offers guaranteed entry pathways to our professional entry graduate courses.

The guaranteed entry pathways into graduate study are available to students who complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia. Eligible students must enrol in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree in the intake immediately following Year 12, or be granted a deferral by the University.

Students who have transferred from another university are NOT eligible for a guaranteed entry pathway.

International applicants who are eligible for a graduate course guarantee need only to indicate this on the University's online application form and DO NOT need to submit the Guaranteed Entry Application Form.

International applicants eligible to apply as part of University of Melbourne Guaranteed entry for school-leavers to graduate professional entry programs must still apply direct to International Admissions for this course.

For applicants applying direct to the University

Applicants applying directly via International Admissions must still ensure they have their prerequisites assessed as outlined.

Multi-Mini Interview (MMI)

All international applicants residing in Australia at the time of application must be available to attend an interview in Melbourne in late September.

International applicants residing outside of Australia may be interviewed via Skype technology in a separate interview period to be advised. Information on registering for this will be provided when interview offers are made.

The interview component will be an 8 station Multiple Mini Interview. Each station takes 5 minutes and has a single interviewer.

The MMI aims to assess non-academic qualities including cultural sensitivity, maturity, collaboration, reliability and communication skills. The stations could include practical tasks, answering questions, commenting on short films, and explaining your thinking.

Candidates who apply to both Physiotherapy and Medicine at The University of Melbourne will only be offered one MMI in any one academic year. The results of the MMI will be used for both applications.

* The University of Melbourne does not endorse any individual or group offering courses or classes to prepare for MMIs. Courses conducted on The University of Melbourne site are run by private companies with no endorsement from the schools of Medicine or Physiotherapy.


All international applicants residing in Australia at the time of application must sit the GAMSAT. MCAT scores cannot be used by these applicants.

MCAT scores can only be used by international applicants not residing in Australia at the time of application.

Permanent Residency

International fee paying students who obtain Permanent Residency during the course of the MD degree will be transferred to an Australian Fee paying place at the time the University is notified by the student of the change in residency status and the provision of evidentiary documentation. The transfer will take effect at the next census date. International fee paying students cannot be transferred to a Commonwealth Supported place (CSP) on obtaining Permanent Residency status.

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