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4 years full-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students. CRICOS code: 071304G

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    The Doctor of Medicine (MD) has been designed to train doctors who have the skills, attributes, passion and competency to make a positive and immediate contribution to health locally and internationally. Integral to your study is the teaching and clinical training you will experience at the University of Melbourne's clinical schools located in affiliated teaching hospitals.

    Each of our clinical schools offers our students a unique experience, whilst delivering the same MD curriculum to provide a first-class medical education.

    Clinical School Zone Allocation

    Applicants for the Doctor of Medicine at The University of Melbourne will be asked to submit their preference order for the clinical school zones, and whether they have a particular interest in being selected to the Extended Rural Cohort.

    The Clinical School Zone information should assist applicants in making these decisions.

    All successful applicants will be allocated to a clinical school zone based on randomised order, and applicant preferences.  Please see the policy here for further information on this process.  Acceptance of a place in the Doctor of Medicine is also acceptance of a place in the clinical school zone to which the student has been allocated.

    Clinical School Allocation

    All MD students spend the first year of the course on campus in Parkville.  During the first year of the MD, students are allocated to one of the clinical schools within their zone where they will spend the majority of their final three years of the course*.

    *Exceptions to this are non-ERC Rural Clinical School students who may have the opportunity to be re-allocated after completion of Year 2; the MD Research Project 2 semester in MD4 where all students have the opportunity to undertake a research project based in one of any number of different locations across Australia; and the Vocational Selective rotation in the Transition to Practice subject, which can be undertaken at any one of a number of locations across the vast Medical School network.

  • Elective Clinical Placement

    Students will have the option of undertaking an elective clinical placement of at least one week duration arranged by the student in consultation with the relevant Director, Medical Student Education and the participating institution.

    The aim of this voluntary elective is to offer students the opportunity to explore an unfamiliar area or setting of clinical medicine to broaden their understanding of health care.  Students undertaking an elective will be encouraged to complete it in an area outside of their previous experience, and in a location other than their home clinical school.

  • Extended Rural Cohort

    The Extended Rural Cohort (ERC) stream is a collaborative initiative between the University of Melbourne and Monash University. It has been developed to provide training for students interested in practising medicine in a rural or regional location.

    The Melbourne Medical School will allocate approximately 30 applicants to the ERC stream. Students enrolled in this stream are allocated to the Rural Clinical School and will undertake their clinical education in hospitals and community-based practices within the Northern Victoria Regional Medical Education Network. This network brings together the clinical resources of Monash University and The University of Melbourne in northern Victoria. Preference may be given to applicants from northern Victoria, as well as applicants from other rural and regional locations. Domestic Commonwealth Supported and full fee applicants may be offered a place in the ERC stream of the MD course. International students are not eligible to apply for admission to the ERC stream.

    For more information, please see the Extended Rural Cohort page.

  • Four Week Rural Placement

    Rural Clinical Training Experience

    All students are expected to undertake a period of rural clinical training during their MD course. The University is required to meet targets set by the Department of Health relating to the percentage of Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) students who undertake rural placements, of at least 4 weeks’ duration, during the course. Students can undertake their rural placement during the General Practice rotation in Principles of Clinical Practice 3, in the MD Research Project 2, or in the Vocational Selective term during Transition to Practice. Students are also encouraged to complete a clinical elective in a rural setting.

    For further information, please refer to the Rural Travel Reimbursement Policy

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