With a Graduate Certificate in Ageing from Australia’s leading university, you’ll be able to:

  • Critically assess strategies aimed to promote healthy and adaptive ageing across the lifespan
  • Articulate the ways in which age, gender, ethnicity and Indigenous status, society, culture, geography, the environment, disability and socio-economic status influence the ageing experience
  • Critically review current and key challenges in ageing from a global perspective


Course Description

Ageing is our greatest common denominator, yet our knowledge of it is still very limited. As populations around the world grow older, we need to understand the economic, social and political implications of ageing.

The Graduate Certificate of Ageing at the University of Melbourne is an exciting interdisciplinary course that is designed to provide students with key competencies in the ageing field to meet the rapidly increasing market demand.

This is the first course of its kind that brings together academics from multiple disciplines, including public health, medicine, architecture and design, engineering, business and economics, government and the arts along with experts from Australia and around the world.

Students can take subjects online from anywhere in the world. Together with course faculty, students will learn how to think about the implications of having an older population, including workforce and retirement challenges, increased demand on health services and how recent technological advancements can revolutionise the ageing experience.

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