Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Neonatal Intensive Care)

2 years part-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students

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The Graduate Certificate aims to provide the opportunity for nurses to extend their undergraduate nursing knowledge and skills into an area of specialty nursing practice. Upon completion of the course it is therefore expected that students should have:

  • a sound understanding of the scientific knowledge and research based evidence that underpins skill development specific to a specialty area of nursing practice;
  • the ability theoretical knowledge to understand the practice of providing care to individuals experiencing specific disturbances to health and well-being that require specialty nursing interventions;
  • skills in critical inquiry relevant to a chosen specialty area of nursing practice;
  • the ability to communicate an understanding of the theoretical basis for practice both verbally and in a written form;
  • problem solving skills appropriate for delivery and evaluation of patient care as a specialty practice nurse;
  • life long learning skills that facilitate knowledge and skill development as a specialty practice nurse and the ability to undertake ongoing professional development in preparation for more advanced levels of specialty practice;
  • demonstrated clinical competencies in a workplace environment assessed by clinical experts to be at a beginning competency level as benchmarked against Australian specialty practice competencies.

Course Description

The Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Neonatal Intensive Care) is a 50 credit point, part-time, clinical coursework program of one year's duration. Students typically take four 12.5 credit point subjects across a year. Admission is based on a Bachelor of Nursing degree (or equivalent training), at least one year of clinical experience in an acute care setting within the five years prior to applying for the course, and current employment and clinical support in a Neonatal Intensive Care work environment.

The course delivers theoretical content through a combination of on-line study and face-to-face course delivery at the partner hospital for the clinical speciality. The students’ employing hospital provides clinical practice in a hospital setting.

Students complete 50 credit points of study part-time, over a year, commencing in January with an on-line subject, completing a face-to-face subject at the partner hospital each semester and a supervised clinical practice subject at their employing hospital across the whole study period.

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