Course Aims

  • To provide appropriate clinical experience to enable you to further your knowledge and skills in selected aspects of clinical dentistry.
  • To develop your capacity for contemporary professional practice.
  • To provide you with specialist knowledge and theory.
  • To give you the opportunity to sample postgraduate study and possibly inspire you towards specialist study in the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry.

Course Description

The Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Advanced) is classified under the Australian Qualifications Framework as a level 8 Graduate Diploma.  The course is part-time for two years and is available in implant dentistry only.


This course is for general dentists who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in implant dentistry.
The course is ideal for local general dentists who wish to remain in private practice while learning.  Unfortunately, this means that international students are not eligible to apply because the international student visa requires full-time enrolment.


Dr Jaafar Abduo the course convenor
Dr Jaafar Abduo the course convenor

 Implant Dentistry

Dr Jaafar Abduo
BDS Otago DClinDent Otago MRACDS(Pros)

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