Hear what our students have to say about their experience in Honours:

Jacqueline Kurrupu

Bachelor of Biomedicine; Honours (2017)

What have you learned in honours?

"Honours has extended my knowledge on the causal relationships involved in disease. In honours, I'm learning about the intersection between social interaction and illness. It's taken the integrative thinking skills I learned in Biomedicine and expanded it to considering how social factors impact on human health and, in turn, how health can benefit from certain social factors. I believe this knowledge is important when working within the health sector. Honours has also taught me other skills such as office etiquette, how to work in a team with supervisors, how to manage your own project and it's developed my writing and people skills."

What has been the highlight of honours?

"My Honours cohort are an incredible bunch of people. We all support each other, not just academically, but socially too. I know I'm developing some more lasting friendships. There has also been an onslaught of support from the department itself. There's a wonderful balance of being guided through yet being taught to work independently. Honours is proving to be an amazing experience."

Nicholas Gherardin

Bachelor of Biomedicine; Honours; PhD in Immunology (2016)

What have been the highlights of your time at University (Melbourne)?

"The excitement of working on cutting edge research projects and publishing my work in world-class scientific journals has been extremely rewarding. I have also enjoyed the social aspects of a life as a PhD student and have made many of my close friends along the way."

Hear what Nick has got to say about his journey in Research in the video below.

Emma Akers

Bachelor of Science Honours (2015) - Recipient of the Frances Elizabeth Thomson Trust Scholarship


How did the Scholarship help your honours studies?

“I was awarded the Scholarship in 2015. When I moved to Melbourne, my first move-out of home, for honours I found it difficult to find a job to pay for living expenses. The scholarship allowed me to reduce my work hours to focus on my degree. This made a massive difference in my final grade but also reduced my stress levels a considerable amount. After starting honours and gaining experience in the world of biomedical science, I’ve learnt how difficult and mentally straining beginning a career in this field can be. While this scholarship was awarded to me very early in my scientific life, it has helped my find the confidence to apply for other experiences, grants and positions which I may have thought were beyond my reach before.”

How did the scholarship inspire you to be a researcher?

“I received an H1 grade with a great help from the scholarship. I’ve since moved back to Adelaide where I received employment as a research assistant before commencing my PhD in 2017 looking at the role of lipoproteins in arterial diseases at the new SAHMRI building.”

“I would like to thank the Frances Elizabeth Thompson Trust Scholarship for all of their help throughout what was a very big, positive change in my life and I hope the scholarship continues throughout the years to inspire many more young scientists, to keep going and give a career in science a real chance.”

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