The Master of Clinical Education provides an opportunity for you to develop recognised expertise and gain valuable insight and experience in clinical education theory, practice and research.

On successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Formulate evidence-based approaches to transforming and improving clinical teaching and learning
  • Plan effective strategies for developing and managing clinical education teams
  • Drive the implementation of change in an effective and sustainable manner
  • Develop a scholarly grasp of leadership and change management theory
  • Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to plan and execute research
  • Display advanced skills for a career in Clinical Teaching management, development and leadership.

Course Description

The Master of Clinical Education is a three-year series of nested awards.  The final Masters year focuses on research and leadership skills. It builds on the foundation laid by year one (the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching) and year two (the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Education), allowing you to not only develop and deliver clinical teaching but be involved in leadership and change management in clinical education.

The course work will focus on learning practical leadership skills and the research component will enable you to develop skills in undertaking and critiquing clinical education research.


The Master of Clinical Education hones existing research and leadership skills to an advanced level to create clinical education leaders.

All Australian and international clinical teachers are welcome to apply for the Master of Clinical Education. The course is not available to students who require a student visa to reside and study in Australia. However, the intensive coursework option means that the course is accessible to both interstate and international clinicians.


The Master of Clinical Education is the final step in the series of Excellence in Clinical Teaching (EXCITE) nested award courses. The Masters will enable you to lead others in developing and evaluating educational quality in your organisation. It will also provide a recognised platform of research training from which you could pursue ongoing research at a PhD level.

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