Master of Clinical Optometry (Online)

On completion of this course the students should have:

  • advanced knowledge and skills in their selected fields of clinical optometry;
  • a detailed knowledge in the use and application of specific advanced diagnostic techniques and/or instrumentation;
  • an advanced ability to evaluate and synthesize research from the scientific and clinical literature;
  • an appreciation of the value of, and the ability to achieve, collaboration with other healthcare professionals as an effective means to aid clinical problem-solving;
  • the capacity to interpret and integrate information from a variety of sources (such as patient presentation details, advanced diagnostic techniques, scientific, clinical and technical literature, and other healthcare professionals), in the development of the most appropriate patient management;
  • the ability and initiative to offer enhanced clinical services based on their in-depth study in selected fields of clinical optometry;
  • have advanced their clinical skills and developed a flexibility of outlook such that they are better able to respond to future paradigm shifts in the scope of optometric management.

Course Description

The Master of Clinical Optometry (MClinOptom) offers optometry clinicians the opportunity to keep abreast of new developments in niche areas of optometry. All components are conducted exclusively online in a supportive and collaborative environment.

The course allows optometrists to not only re-examine the basic sciences underpinning clinical optometry in the context of the latest evidence but also update current knowledge and skills. The emphasis is on understanding and managing clinical problems. Subjects are in depth, challenging and designed to significantly advance optometrists’ clinical skills in the selected fields of specialisation. They are designed to provide lifelong evidence based learning skills in professional education.

The range of subjects on offer includes a diverse range of topical subject areas. Specifically designed for off-campus study using e-learning applications, they also allow you the opportunity to complete and apply learning tasks in your own practice. The subjects are delivered using the latest on-line learning technologies and approaches, giving practitioners the opportunity to interact with colleagues and educators, whilst enjoying the convenience and flexibility of off-campus study.

Further Information: Unimelb Handbook Description

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