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2 years full-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students. CRICOS code: 020358D

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Find out more about the experiences of current and former students, and how the Master of Public Health offered by the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health has benefitted them.  

Sharon Zawadi Mweni; Kenya; recipient of the Australia Awards Scholarship 2017

"As a medical doctor working in the Paediatric department in Kenya – Infectious diseases remains the highest cause of morbidity and mortality in children. During my clinical work, I was involved in mostly curative care and the unnecessary deaths from infectious diseases was disheartening. Most of the deaths were attributable to preventable factors as revealed by our monthly clinical audits, thus motivating me to pursue a career in public health. I am also keen to build my expertise in research."

"I wanted to be a student of this prestigious University because I believe that I would receive the best and highest quality of education. I also wanted to be a part of The University of Melbourne's alumni network for future collaboration once I complete my MPH."

What's next?

"I would like to return home and share the knowledge and skills that I have gained here – via forming a research group at the hospital. I will train this group and others on preventive care of infectious diseases from a global perspective. We will conduct evidence-based research within the hospital to improve on the existing guidelines and inform decision-making at policy level."

What inspires you?

"The exposure and experience that I have gained at the University of Melbourne and Australia has broaden my thinking in different aspects. The collaboration and networks that I have built – all of these inspire me to do more in terms of health improvement when I return home to Kenya."

Sharon also appears on Australia Global Alumni.

Euodia Mosoro; Papua New Guinea recipient of the prestigious Alison Sudradjat Prize.

"I have chosen to study the Master of Public Health to broaden my knowledge and equip myself with the skills to design and implement effective evidence-based public health programs that fit the context of Papua New Guinea. Upon completion of my degree, I would like to return to my home country and work within the government sector to design public health programs to reduce the incidence of infections and improve the diagnosis of infectious diseases."

Made Utari Rimayanti

"I am interested in combining my medical background with other disciplines, relevant or otherwise, to improve the national health system in Indonesia; or at the very least, transfer my knowledge to current and future generations of general practitioners in Indonesia through interactive, student-centred, and evidence-based learning systems modelled after my experience in University of Melbourne."

Awng Shar Mahkawnghta

"Master of Public Health program at The University of Melbourne makes me ready for the future. Course contents are updated and allow us to learn what are currently happening in different public health fields worldwide. For example, you might have been asked about yesterday’s outbreak in some parts of the world in today assignment.

As an Australia Awards student with the medical background from Myanmar, I have always been interested in building my capacity for disease control and prevention in the setting of a developing country. So, I decided to select subjects related to epidemiology and global health. I had a chance to meet with many extraordinary experts in those related fields. I am really delighted and contented for my choice, as The University of Melbourne’s Master of Public Health program allows students to specialise their selected area." 

Jessica Renzella, Master of Public Health alumnae; Currently pursuing a PhD in Population Health at Oxford University

“The MPH at Melbourne taught me to be a learner, a thinker, and most importantly, a doer. I always wanted to create positive change on a large-scale. The MPH taught me to think global, act local, and seek ‘simple', people-centered solutions to complex problems. I’ve just started a DPhil in Population Health, focusing on the impact of urban environments on health and nutrition. I’ve met public health students from around the world, and I wouldn’t trade my MPH experience with any of them. Of course, I’m always happy to share. I’m sure people think I work for the University when I start talking about my Masters experience. I loved every minute.

Nothing has prepared me better for the world of global health. Studying the MPH at Melbourne was the best decision I ever made.”

Bruce Clezy, Master of Public Health alumnus; Palliative Care Advisor currently working in Indonesia

“The Melbourne Masters of Public Health has enabled me to make a smooth transition from clinical practice to working internationally, in the field, as a primary healthcare practitioner. Six months ago I was working night shifts in Melbourne, now I work in Jakarta helping to deliver palliative care services to the urban poor and marginalized communities. It is demanding and rewarding work with every day bringing new challenges and new rewards.

Looking back I cannot believe the level of expertise the Melbourne Master of Public made available to me. Every subject was a treasure trove of experts, all highly committed to making the world a better place through providing healthcare for all”

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