Specialist Certificate in Glaucoma and Retinal Disease (Online)

1 year part-time, 100% online. Visa not required.

Course Description

The Specialist Certificate in Glaucoma and Retinal Disease offered by the Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences in the School of Health Sciencesis designed to allow optometrists to advance their capabilities in the day-to-day management of eye disease by affording them the opportunity to review the most current ideas on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of ocular disease affecting the back of the eye, thus also preparing them for any further shifts in the scope of optometric practice in this area. This review will include a critical examination of how the state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging tools can be incorporated into clinical practice. Given the explosion in the literature of health sciences, the course will concentrate on developing a deep understanding in a select group of eye diseases regularly seen in optometric practice (for example, glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration). The course will, however, provide optometrists with the tools necessary to develop a deeper, evidence-based understanding in other eye diseases of their choosing.

The Specialist Certificate is achieved through successful completion of one compulsory 25 point subject, Glaucoma and Retinal Disease (formerly Management of Posterior Eye Disease).

Further information and application

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