Specialist Certificate in Hearing Science

1 year part-time, 100% online. Visa not required.

On successful completion of the Specialist Certificate in Hearing Science the student should be able to:

  1. Identify and consider the role of the audiologist and other multidisciplinary team members in the management of individuals with hearing impairment.
  2. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the scientific knowledge and research based evidence that underpins skills development specific to audiological practice.
  3. Apply theoretical knowledge to understand the practice of providing care to individuals experiencing auditory impairment and well-being that require audiological interventions.
  4. Apply assessment findings and knowledge of the individual and their environment to propose and justify appropriate interventions which address the impairments and activity limitations in individuals with hearing impairment.
  5. Develop, apply and transmit appropriate communication strategies to and for the hearing impaired individual.
  6. Interpret and evaluate the use of measurement and rehabilitation tools in the practice of audiology.
  7. Critically evaluate the known barriers and facilitators that contribute to an individual’s intervention success.

Course Description

The Specialist Certificate in Hearing Science consists of one 25 point subject entitled ‘Foundations in Hearing and Audiological Science. The course is delivered online over a 12 week period commencing January. It is an integrated program of learning focusing on the theoretical knowledge to equip the participant with the beginning level of understanding of audiological science.

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