Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science (Online)



The Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science will improve the knowledge and skills of health and human services professionals in this emerging area of research and practice – Implementation Science. It will provide an understanding of the core principles of Implementation Science and their application to the complex environment of health and human services. The course is aimed at the broad range of professionals working in health and social care who contribute to the implementation of policies, programs or projects.

Course Description

Implementation science seeks to translate the results of health and human services research into everyday practice and policy. The goal of Implementation Science is to ensure that the knowledge produced by social and health sciences research actually lead to improved outcomes for children and families and carers by:

  • reaching the people for whom they are intended;
  • being adapted to local circumstances; and
  • being implemented effectively, safely, equitably, and in a timely and person-centered manner.


This course will focus on applied methods of implementation, particularly as they relate to developing and selecting more effective interventions to translate specific evidence-informed findings into everyday practice. The program is designed for people from a broad range of professional settings who are currently engaged in the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services to improve the quality of health and human services quality, including researchers, practitioners, organizational leaders, public health and public policy professionals.


Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of interdisciplinary exchange within small group settings. Case studies and class discussion will facilitate the application of learning and ensure that the course imparts a theoretical framework of understanding whilst maintaining a practical focus.

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