Specialist Certificate in Travel Medicine

1 year part-time, Parkville

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Course Description

Health practitioners caring for new arrivals from endemic areas of tropical disease, or for travellers, require deep working knowledge of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious and other disease to which exposure is common in the tropics. Furthermore, travel itself presents specific hazards and considerations for health. Most doctors traditionally receive little training in tropical and travellers’ health.

The course is delivered through the Nossal Institute for Global Health (University of Melbourne).

Course description

This 25-point Specialist Certificate is delivered intensively over a 2 week period andencompasses a range of presentations and interactive activities to enable participants to:

  • Express intimate understanding of the pathology of infectious disease important to tropical and travellers’ health

  • Expertly practice prevention, diagnosis and management of key tropical diseases

  • Effectively consult with travellers, and new arrivals from areas of high tropical disease prevalence, to design and implement tailored prevention/management strategies

  • Access current information and databases relevant to tropical and travellers’ health

  • Give consideration to specific non-infectious issues of health pertinent to travel and tropical regions

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