A variety of tools exist to help you identify topic areas of interest and to identify potential supervisors from the research staff of the Faculty.

Find a Supervisor

All graduate research applicants are required to liaise and gain support of a nominated supervisor before submitting an application.

Use the University's search tool for identifying experts in various fields.

A list of potential supervisors can be generated by performing keyword searches on specific research areas or by typing their names directly into the search function if you interested in browsing the research profile of individual researchers. Once you have determined your potential supervisors, email them directly with your curriculum vitae, academic transcripts and a short summary of your proposed project, to initiate discussions. Your nominated supervisor must agree to support your candidature before you submit an application.

Graduate Schools

The Faculty is divided into six graduate schools. Refer to Step 2 and Step 3 to visit school websites and find out more about projects and supervisors available.

Research is undertaken across a range of suburbs, in regional Victoria as well as on the Parkville campus.

Return to the pre-application page for information on course fees, scholarships and courses. Proceed to Step 2 and Step 3 for information about schools and their application processes.