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“It’s been a year full of life-changing experiences, I am grateful that I got to learn so deeply how to conduct great research, specifically given a chance to conduct a systematic review in my choice of department; dermatology and had an opportunity to publish my work in the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) conference.

I am so blessed to be able to learn from the experts in the field during my clinical placement. I got to meet and learn from amazing medical doctors, dermatologists, nurses, and other healthcare members that widen my perspective and made me more confident to pursue my dream of becoming a great doctor in the future. This journey will always be remembered in so many lovely ways and Melbourne will always have a place in my heart. Thank you Justin, Anita, and Krithika for being the greatest BMedSci coordinators and for taking care of us during our stay in Melbourne.”

-Claudya Dara Chaerunnisa

 “I chose to study at Melbourne primarily because it offered the clinical exposure opportunity, that was one of the best experiences of my time in Melbourne. 

One of my highlights was the operations I witnessed. I got to see my first ever computer assisted knee replacement surgery. My mentor, Michelle Dowsey, gave me proper guidance on my systemic review step by step, which helped a lot in its completion. 

Living in Melbourne has been a great experience and one I wished I didn’t have to leave. My advice for future students is to make the most of what Melbourne has to offer and if there is time explore Australia as it has much to be seen.”

Rananda Hendarmo

“Being a part of this program was the best decision I’ve made. The subjects delivered during the year were very beneficial. We learned how to translate research information into daily clinical practice, to appraise research papers critically, also to be more aware of the research developments in different fields.

Moreover, the clinical exposure was just fascinating! Observing daily clinical practice with my mentor as a role model was awesome, I not only learnt medical skills, medical decision making and treatments but way more than that! 

The campus is located in the heart of Melbourne. I was able to join interesting clubs, to get to know more friends from different cultures. The facilities were also great, I enjoyed the libraries, the sport centre, and the Union House. I experienced a lot of ‘Campus Life’ as an International student during my year away. 

We had some fun during the trips at the beginning and end of the program. The program coordinators are very supportive, they are ready to help us with everything, especially when you are living abroad alone for the first time”. 

Dinda Nisapratama

“It was a total honour to be part of this program. The experience of living in Melbourne is unique. From being able to learn advance statistics, doing critical appraisal on journals, build up presentations skills, joining clinical rotations and presenting at conference, have been so valuable. I was placed to ophthalmology department for my clinical exposure rotation. I am happy as it was the department of my dreams. I’ve met good doctors and residents and all of them treated me well. I was given the chance to observe surgery procedures, which was amazing. Lastly, we get to attend the ASMR conference, it was also my first experience of presenting my own work in the form of a poster. I was very happy and proud as I get to be part of a conference for honor students and PhDs.

I am sincerely grateful and thankful to course coodinators, who have been taking good care of us the past year.

Annisa Aditya Asa

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