• Q1.    How is the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculated for entry into the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) or the Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours) in Biomedical Health Sciences?

    The WAM is the weighted grade point average of a completed tertiary degree. It is calculated by multiplying the mark received for each subject against that subject's credit point value (i.e. 12.5 for most undergraduate subjects offered at the University of Melbourne). Each multiplication is then added together and then divided by the total amount of credit points for subjects undertaken.

  • Q2.    Can I apply for the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) with a Bachelor of Science degree?

    Yes, you can. The degree structure of the two courses is the same. Applicants are encouraged to apply for ONLY one of them based on their preference. When multiple applications are received for the same intake, an application outcome will be issued against the applicant’s highest preference.

  • Q3.    Can I apply for the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) if I have completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine at another University?

    Yes, you can. Please find the detailed entry requirements from the course Handbook.

  • Q4.    Is the Honours program only available on a full-time basis?

    The Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours) and Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) usually involves one year of full-time study between February and November. Some departments may offer a two-year part-time Honours program in specific circumstances. Refer to the departmental entries in the Handbook.

  • Q5.     When does the Honours year commence?

    Most departments only allow students to commence Honours in Semester 1. Some departments offer a mid-year commencement.

  • Q6.    What programs are available?

    For details regarding specific programs, please refer to choosing a program.

  • Q7.    Where is the program located?

    The location of the program will depend on where the department is located.

  • Q8.    Can I take leave of absence from my Honours year?

    Leave from the Honours program is possible in exceptional circumstances only and subject to the approval of the MDHS Faculty Honours Coordinator and the relevant Dept. Coordinator/s. The standard period of leave from Honours is a minimum of one semester and a maximum of two semesters.

  • Q9.    Is there a required mark in my Honours thesis to be awarded the degree?

    In order to be awarded an Honours qualification, students must pass all components and obtain an overall average mark of at least 65% for both the Research Project subject and the Advanced Coursework subject(s).

  • Q10.    What type of scholarship assistance is available?

    The Faculty offers Frances Elizabeth Thomson Trust Scholarship to highly-ranked full-time students with demonstrated a level of financial needs. The scholarship awards eligible students with a one-off payment of $5,000.

    A number of departments and external research institutes also offer scholarships to Honours students. Please visit their website or contact their Honours coordinator for more details.

  • Q11.    Is Austudy available for my Honours year?

    Yes, Austudy is available

  • Q12.    What is the main difference between the Master of Biomedical Science and my Honours program?

    Both the Honours program and the Master of Biomedical Science can be taken by students who have finished a three year undergraduate degree. Both degrees prepare students for postgraduate research training (e.g. upon completion of either degree, students would have the opportunity to undertake a MPhil or a PhD). An Honours program is one year full time, with 75 points of research and 25 points of coursework, whereas a Master of Biomedical Science program is two years full time, with 125 points of research project and 75 points of coursework.

    Note that in MDHS, projects are normally offered as Honours projects. Students interested in the Masters program should discuss this option in detail with potential supervisors.

  • Q13.    Can I apply for Honours if I have completed a semester of the Postgraduate Diploma in Science in the appropriate discipline?

    It is now not possible to transfer across to Honours from the Postgraduate Diploma. In rare cases in previous years, the MDHS Faculty Honours Coordinator, in consultation with a relevant Department Honours Coordinator, has given approval to a Postgraduate Diploma student who has achieved a certain grade (determined by the department) for a transfer into Honours but this is now not possible.

  • Q14.     Can I do my Honours year overseas on exchange?

    This would not normally be approved due to issues in relation to the delivery of compulsory coursework subjects off site. For further information please contact A/Prof Tony Hughes, MDHS Honours Coordinator, on +61 (3) 8344 7843 or via email.

  • Q15.     Can I defer my place in Honours?

    Deferral of your MDHS Honours Offer is unfortunately not possible as there is no guarantee that the same project will be available in a subsequent admissions period. You are instead advised to reapply when your circumstances allow it.

  • Q16.     What are the fees?

    For details regarding fees, please visit The University of Melbourne's fees page. Honours fees will be listed under the relevant undergraduate fees section.

  • Q17.    Can I take Community Access Program (CAP)/non-awarded single subject(s) to improve my overall weighted average mark after I complete my undergraduate degree?

    No, only the overall weighted average mark of your complete Bachelor degree will be considered in the selection


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