Master of Clinical Audiology

2 years full-time, Parkville — Domestic and International students. CRICOS code: 062905A

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The aim of this course is to provide students with the necessary training to enter the profession of clinical audiology. The course provides comprehensive training in all aspects of clinical audiology along with an introduction to research methods in this field. Students who demonstrate an aptitude for research may be considered for PhD studies within the Department.

On completion of this course the students should have:

  • critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills
  • the ability to integrate theory and practice and to apply this in novel situations
  • an openness to new ideas
  • planning and time management skills
  • the ability to communicate their knowledge in both oral and written form
  • the ability to behave in a professionally appropriate manner

Course Description

Discipline Overview

Audiology is a clinical science involving hearing and balance assessment and rehabilitation. Hearing assessment usually involves the use of a number of specialised tests which help to ascertain the site or type of problem within the auditory system. Audiologists working in this area often work closely with otologists (ear specialists). Aural rehabilitation involves helping people with impaired hearing to cope with their hearing difficulties. This work usually includes fitting hearing aids or other devices such as the cochlear implant (bionic ear), training in the use of these devices and helping people to use their vision and other compensatory mechanisms in order to communicate effectively. This profession should be of interest to those with a scientific background who are interested in working with people.

Course Overview

The first year of the course provides the basic scientific background for audiology and an introduction to clinical work. The second year provides comprehensive training in all aspects of clinical audiology along with an introduction to research methods in the field. The course consists of formal lectures, seminars, practical work and student presentations along with a substantial clinical component. Students will be scheduled for supervised clinical work at our clinical school and at various hearing care facilities across Victoria. The course runs from February to November and is made up of lectures, practical sessions and clinics. Please see the Course and Subject Handbook for more information about the subjects and the time commitment.

The Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology offers the Master of Clinical Audiology degree, which is a two year full time course. Since 1998, the Master of Clinical Audiology degree has been required for entry to the profession.

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