Applications are now open and will close on 15 December 2017 (or once places have filled).  Places are limited.


For those who have completed the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education, please complete the online application form for the Master of Clinical Education and attach a short description of your proposed research idea or project.  If you do not currently have a research idea, you can nominate an area of interest in either your own workplace or within the Department of Medical Education, and we will work with you to develop your project.

Please complete this research planner along with the below online application.

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To find out more, email or call Esra, Program Coordinator on +613 8344 2580.

Frequently asked questions

What is involved in undertaking the Master of Clinical Education?

The Master of Clinical Education comprises three subjects.The two coursework subjects (Research Proposal and Leadership in Clinical Education) are as intensives in Semester 1. The research proposal subject involves the preparatory work necessary for conducting a course-work masters level research-based project. Masters students work with their supervisors to complete a research-based 'Project' in Semester 2.

How does the Master of Clinical Education relate to the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching and Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education?

The Master of Clinical Education builds on the academic foundations laid by the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching and the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education by extending your expertise in designing, researching and delivering clinical teaching and by enhancing skills in leadership and change management in clinical education.

As a busy clinician and educator, what type of project could I feasibly conduct in one year? 

Undertaking research at any level provides an opportunity for thinking about your work differently. Conducting research about clinical education practice prepares you to consider and debate what you know and how you know it. It develops your critical thinking, and you learn to weigh evidence and question assumptions.

  • A PhD involves a large scale project or a series of empirical projects; a thorough and often systematic literature review; sustained and in depth engagement with relevant literature and theory, and the development of a coherent convincing contribution to a scholarly area. (80,000 -100,000 words).
  • A Research Masters degree involves a medium scale empirical project. The requirement is to demonstrate a similar level of engagement with literature and theory as a PhD but in a more defined area of practice or through a smaller research project. (30,00 - 35,000 words).
  • A Course work research-based project is an opportunity to conduct a small scale project and to become familiar with the research process- asking a research question from education practice; collecting data; analyzing and interpreting results, and writing a coherent discussion highlighting how your project adds to the current literature or how it provides a direction for future research.  A limit of 10,000 words means the project is very small scale (eg. a quality assurance or a pilot project).

As a busy clinician and educator, what type of project could I feasibly conduct in one year?

  1. A descriptive study –describes an educational method without a comparison group. The description may provide an example of an existing theoretical approach or teaching method applied to a specific clinical practice area.
  2. A justification study—comparing one educational approach with another with the aim of demonstrating one intervention is better than another
  3. A clarification study- aims to clarify how a teaching method or approach works with reference to underlying theories or conceptual frameworks about education practice.

Where could the Master of Clinical Education lead?

The Master of Clinical Education provides an opportunity for you to develop recognised expertise and gain valuable insight and experience in clinical education theory, practice and research.  The Masters will enable you to lead others in developing and evaluating educational quality in your organisation. It will also provide a recognised platform of research training from which you could pursue ongoing research at a PhD level.

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